Want Your Cash Flow to Stream into Your Business Like a Rafting River?

Little or No Cashflow

Does having your own business seem overwhelming? Do you feel all at sea when trying to anticipate cash flow? Have you thought of an expert virtual chief financial officer (vCFO)?

What is a VCFO (Virtual CFO)?

A vCFO provides you with immediate access to a highly skilled CFO without the expense of employing such a person. This is particularly appealing if you run a start-up, small, or medium sized businesses.

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Decisions that Make Businesses Grow

The right vCFO is not merely a consultant who will tell you how and when to realise the potential of your business. We will analyse your finances, discuss the findings and their implications and help you to translate these into increased efficiency and revenue. Q Financial Horizons will help you make smart decisions for your business
so that you work smarter – not harder.

Long Term Growth and Success

Take your business further than you ever imagined

1. Start-Up Business

A good cash flow analysis is essential to a good business plan. All the strategy, tactics, and ongoing business activities mean nothing if there isn’t enough money to pay the bills. And that is what a cash flow projection is about – predicting your financial needs in advance. Having a vCFO provides you with all the assistance and benefits of a highly skilled senior financial expert without the expensive remuneration package.

Here are some small examples of what we can do for your start-up business:

  • Business Plan
  • Cash flow projection
  • Management of accounts receivable

2. Growing Business

As you pass the start-up mark of your business and you are on the growing path, it is important to regulate your cash flow strictly. Preparing accurate cash flow forecasts on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to equip your business for success. Every business needs to forecast their cash flow.

Forecasting gives you a realistic picture of the times ahead – good or bad. It means you foresee challenges ahead and take necessary measures to ensure you can operate effectively. Forecasting also allows you to identify more positive cash trends, capitalise on the cash flow cycle and make more intelligent business decisions.

Good cash flow management is critical for a growing company. If you are overly conservative with cash flow you can slow down the company’s growth and if you are optimistic without the necessary contingency plans you can end up with problems of not having enough money to pay for your liabilities.

Here are some small examples of what we can do for your growing business:

  • Tracking cash flow on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Forecasting cash flow yearly in advance
  • Integrated profit & loss, cash flow and balance sheet projections
  • Cash flow management
  • Cash flow strategies for growth
  • Advice on Payment & Invoice systems
  • Set up cloud accounting software to facilitate cash flow
  • Help in dealing with ATO tax debt
  • Debtor or Asset financing if necessary

3. Established Business

Owning an established business is a commendable achievement that requires years of commitment and hard work. Q Financial Horizons’ vCFO will ensure that a proper progression plan is in place to identify the unexploited profit areas for your business. Contact us today to uncover the full capacity of your business profits.

Here are some small examples of what we can do for your established business:

  • Identify cash flow problems & solutions
  • Analyse working capital position
  • Analyse measures that will boost cash flow or working capital
  • Cash flow & budget reports and analysis
  • Forecast & model key financial ratios to support investment & growth
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Peace of Mind

You need a clear picture of the financial health and status of your business. Our vCFO will provide you with independent financial recommendations that are transparent, informative and instructive. You can be assured that the financial interests of your business are taken care of by an expert professional to whom you have ready access.

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Contact us about our fixed price vCFO packages

By definition, business owners are a pretty savvy people. They know they need help with more than compliance and tax. We can provide you with a trusted advisor who can do great things for your business. Unlike some other accounting firms, our vCFO packages include bookkeeping, accounting as well as cash flow services. Always, we first gain an understanding of your needs and the needs of your business. From there we develop a package tailored specifically to your requirements.

For more information about our vCFO packages and what we can do for your business, please complete the enquiry form given below: