Bursting the Bubble of Addiction to Overwork!

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Entrepreneurial Addiction

Addiction to a busy work schedule is not something that most people would mind. In fact, most of the people we come across in the course of our working day give the impression of being very satisfied that they are BUSY!

We might regard this as something of a socially acceptable default position but, sometimes, it can camouflage an addiction; not an addiction to drugs or alcohol, sex or gambling but, an addiction to ‘work’ that has become no more than a hollow endeavour. Like moths to the flame of illusory fulfillment we burn our time and our energy, leaving our loved ones to grieve over our ashen remains.

How does this happen: Your boss requires you to make an official purchase of no more than a few hundred dollars. Now, since you are responsible for the purchase and you want to make it all worthwhile, you end up checking all the online stores, making appointments, calling the stores – doing everything to takes to cover off all options – just in case! You just want to make it perfect, regardless of how trivial the task may be. Only by this will there be a satisfying end to your working day! Proof positive that you are as diligent as diligent can be.

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But, is it really worth the personal price you pay? You are late for that romantic dinner and even if you do make it you are too tired and distracted to pay your partner any meaningful attention. Of course, this is not the half of it – your partner is left feeling under-valued, perhaps, for the umpteenth time!

Now, it is too late to ask yourself, “did I really need to spend all those hours working on something that isn’t even worth 15 minutes of my time, let alone my marriage?

Of course, you might feel that you are extremely ‘high-yielding’ at work, while you suffer from addiction to busy work but, you have become a liability to everyone who has the misfortune to be a part of your personal life!

Even if we confine our analysis to the workplace, fawning over needless details, will only confirm you as a micro-manager with no appreciation of the bigger picture, such as, the welfare of your staff!

The next promotion will not come. You will feel overworked, and yet wonder why you are not making any real progress or being valued in the workplace.

Why? An addiction to busy work to the exclusion of all else. Your working life narrows until there is not even room for you… you are replaced by a robot… that will not go down well over dinner!

Fake work can pull off your productivity, and distance you further from your real goals while making you feel extremely productive at the same time. This is why it can be dangerous, just like falling into a trap.

According to renowned researcher and nutritional balancing expert Dr. Lawrence Wilson, “Busyness has become the status symbol of our time, and researchers have discovered that people actually aspire to it”. Just read that again… This is the reason why we have multiple sessions of meetings and invest countless hours on trifles that aren’t worth even one-tenth of the time we spend.

How do we beat this addiction – simple! First, it must be recognised; second, we must do some honest and perhaps ruthless self-reflection; third, have a drink with the boss… ask the boss a really tough question… “can you tell me, boss, what is the meaning of life?” If that four-letter word turns up again… quit on the spot… spend time with someone you love!

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